İnanılmaz Renk Değişim Reaksiyonu – Oscillating Color Change Reaction

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Check out this experiment and many others at – The Oscillating Clock Reaction is one of the most incredible science and chemistry experiments you’ll ever see! In a remake of the famous “Briggs-Rauscher reaction” watch as this clear solution suddenly turns to amber, then blue-purple and then back to a clear colorless solution again. Watch as it repeats the color cycle over and over again! But that’s not all… This kit comes with 6 different experiments to do multiple times, complete with instructions. It’s truly…Incredible!

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FANTASTIC COLOUR CHANGING CHEMICAL “PLASMA” FOUNTAIN EXPERIMENT, you can do at home with some help from a few cute kids. Here is one of many favourite chemistry experiments that my brother Adam and I, John devised and demonstrated to people when they visited our Kew lab in the late 70’s to the early 80’s. Sort of the forerunner and inspiration to latter plasma lamps, we created but this one is achieved chemically. This is my original write up of an earlier form of this experiment in 1979, when I was 11 that evolved a bit over time. Never forget the scientific method! Now I have some fun showing my kids. First we start with red cabbage juice. Here is the procedure for making red cabbage juice. Please have an adult help you with EVERY step. 1. Chop up a head of red cabbage and put it in a saucepan. 2. Pour boiling water over the cabbage, or boil the mixture. 3. After approx. 10 minutes, pour the mixture through a filter or strainer into another container. Pour it into a large measuring cup. 4. Throw away the used cabbage. 5. If you do not use the entire amount of cabbage juice and you would like to save it for later, put it in a sealed container in the refrigerator. If you would like to keep it for even longer, you can pour the liquid into ice cube trays and freeze it. Once you make your cabbage juice, you are ready to test the pH of different substances. Here are some suggestions: • vinegar • cloudy ammonia • washing soda dissolved in water • lemon juice • baking soda …

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This is a neat experiment dealing with chemistry. Royal is a 10 year old autistic child that loves science. The color of the fire can be changed by adding different chemicals to the denatured alcohol and water. Maybe we will do that in a future experiement. We hope you enjoy this.